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Robmet Romania is one of the best suppliers of technology and services in the light industry, heath energy, mining, constructions, water supply systems and irrigation, waste water treatment, oil and gas.


Our range of industrial valves and high performance equipments is designed and manufactured as to meet the most demanding requests, for a safe and reliable service in any field of work.

Key manufacturers

Our strong relations with key manufacturers give us the confidence to deliver SERVICES, QUALITY AND VALUE to all our customers.

Certified products

Our products are fully checked and tested before being placed into our storage facilities, these being checked again before each delivery, in order to be sure that all the valves fully meet the original requirements.

Quick delivery

The integrated and computerized quoting system, of management of orders and control of stocks developed to efficiently maximize our business, allows us to have complete control in all stages of an ongoing contract.


  • • We value your time, which is why we make sure we always stock the most diverse range of industrial valves on the market;
  • • We can respond to orders the moment they are received;
  • • We have the most efficient and competitive procurement chain in the field;
  • • We know the valves and we know the strong and the weak points of each production stage;
  • • We understand the technical requirements and we appreciate the importance of a project deadline;
  • • We provide the right product, documents and minimum delivery time so as to make the procurement process more efficient and to reduce our customers’ costs;
  • • We provide warranty and post-warranty, as well as technical assistance on site if required.

All ROBMET operations are guided according to the values of the company. In order to obtain long term results in a competitive environment, the only way to develop is given by the slogan:

"We work as one to be number one"

And we believe we have already achieved this.


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